Al-Sawani Holding Group

was established by Mr. Rashid Sawan with the aim of providing comprehensive and integrated services
and products according to the highest international standards.

About Me

20 years of Experience in free projects

Chairman of the Board of Directors Rashid Sawan, who obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tripoli in 1992 and is a member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zahraa and North United Company, the Electronic Gate, the Dragon and Rakan, General Manager of the Accurate Excellence Company, and a founding member of the Libyan Islamic Bank.

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Our vision

Leadership in providing high quality services and products to our customers and our society in order to achieve sustainable growth derived from commitment to our lofty values.

Our mission

Keeping abreast of developments and providing the latest products with the aim of contributing to the building and growth of society according to the highest standards within the framework of comprehensive and integrated service.

Our history

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proident sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt
mollit anim id est laborum.

Our message

Al-Sawani Holding, as a Libyan national company, believes in the importance of its role and its contribution to building the Libyan economy, so it is committed to its group of companies, founders and shareholders in its pioneering role in economic development in Libya, by implementing investment projects in various vital economic sectors, creating job opportunities, launching and implementing creative economic initiatives in partnership with Public and private sector institutions, and strive to attract local and international investors and motivate them to invest in the Libyan state.

Our advantages

Al-Sawani Holding is distinguished by being a pioneering investment company with a long-term development orientation, which places it in the leadership position in the investment and economic labor market in Libya, as the company has demonstrated over the past years its ability to enter into pioneering investment projects of large size and with a guaranteed return. The members of its Board of Directors also have high experience in various economic sectors and entrepreneurship.

Business strategy

Since its establishment, Al-Sawani Holding has been keen on producing and importing products of all kinds and has been keen to present them to the local market with high quality that meets the needs of society. The company has also been keen, as an essential part of its strategy, to partner with local, regional and international institutions and companies, which have experience in launching and managing various companies, using the latest technological means and relying on the best modern management standards.

The Building

This is our Buliding thah located in Hay al-andalos -Tripoli - Libya.

Comfortable administrative building
Cafe and cleaning services
Availability of air conditioning and heating
Spacious offices and teaching spaces for staff

Our Companies

Rakan Mediterranean Company for the import and distribution of foodstuffs is a Libyan company, based in Tripoli, and among the purposes provided by the company is the import of financial goods, food cans and nuts of all kinds in addition to spices, spices, drinks, juices, milk, dairy products, fruits, tea, cocoa and eggs.
Alimtiaz aldaqiq Company for General Contracting, Development and Real Estate Investment with Limited Liability was established in (2012) and it is one of the emerging companies with ambition and expansion in the field of contracting and real estate investment.
Waad Al-Khair Company for Food Industries was established, as this company is specialized in making biscuits, pastries and cakes of all kinds. A site was chosen for it in the city of Tripoli - Wadi al-Rabee ', and in view of the importance and sensitivity of this activity and the openness of the Libyan market and the intensity of competition in it.
s the original name for the trade names of soft drinks, juices, soda water, barley water and tea in addition to pure water. Clear and tangible insistence in light of the current circumstances to create a positive model for the industrial services and food products sector in Libya .
Tennin is an oilfield service, product and equipment supply company based in Tripoli. Into the company works all highly qualified professionals, with a great experience in import and export operations into oil and gas industry.
Al-Sawani Company is a Libyan company specialized in importing cleaning and sterilization materials, and this company has been working for many years in this field in order to meet the needs of the Libyan market with materials with international specifications.



The quality company specialized in the field of manufacturing is a measure of excellence, which honored us with the quality seal for all our companies and we will always strive to maintain this seal .


The quality company specialized in the field of manufacturing is a measure of excellence, which honored us with the quality seal for all our companies and we will always strive to maintain this seal .

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